Match Report
Loughborough Grammar School LGS-U14A vs  Kimbolton School
On: Saturday, 11 May 2019
Venue: Away

Kimbolton won the toss and soon regretted the decision to bat first as Ed Bond (5 for 7) and Aidan Bonsall quickly reduced them to an extraordinary 12 for 7. Kimbolton briefly rallied but then collapsed again to be 35 all out. Dan Fraser and Ben O’Donoghue knocked off the runs in 8 overs. An early finish a bonus as the boys have school exam week on their minds.

To reduce the number of extras is a target for LGS as there were 8 no-balls in the Kimbolton total.

Interesting point to note: From both teams, only 6 boys scored runs off the bat.